California Median Income for 2010

The Franchise Tax Board has released a report on the median income of tax payers in 2010.  There are some interesting trends.

The "Median Income" is the point where 50 percent of the income reported on tax returns is below and 50 percent is above the midpoint of the range of values.

According to the report there were 15.5 million returns filed in 2010.  Over 25 percent of those returns were filed in Los Angeles County.  With so many in Los Angeles County, the median income was only $29,779 for all returns filed.  This ranks Los Angeles County in postion 38.

Ranking just slighly higher were the Inland Empire counties of Riverside and San Bernardino.  Riverside County ranked 34th with a median income of $30,055 and San Bernardino County ranked at 36 with a median income of $29,938.


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Photo credit: Alan Cleaver via flickr